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Health Information for Expecting Mothers

Find information on pregnancy or calculate your due date as an expecting mother…

To access our Health Library information or use a calculator, click on the links below. To find out more about the MHHS Women’s Center, click here, or call (423) 585-0914. To schedule a tour of our Women’s Center, call (423) 492-6975. To make an appointment with one of the OB/GYN’s with MHHS Women’s Health Specialists, call:

Dr. Bill Black – 586-1135
Dr. Peter Clark – 586-6629
Dr. Frank Ellis – 586-5699

Baby Due Date Calculator

It is important to find out your due date. Why? So you and your doctor can plan for proper care for your baby’s birth. Your doctor uses a method like this tool.

Ovulation Date Calculator

A woman is fertile (able to become pregnant) only during a certain part of her monthly cycle—just before and during ovulation. By learning when you ovulate, you can predict when you’re likely to be fertile. This calculator provides approximate ovulation dates and fertile times for women who have regular periods. (Regular periods mean having a period every 21 to 40 days.) Fertility charting, basal temperature tracking, and purchased ovulation test kits can also be used to help predict a woman’s fertile times. These are especially useful if a woman has irregular periods.

Please note that the date you enter in the calculator may result in an ovulation date that has already passed. This will occur if you are nearing your next menstrual start date.

This calculator is not meant for women who are already pregnant. It cannot and should not be used as an aid to preventing pregnancy. This calculator is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional health care. Always consult with a health care provider for advice concerning your health.

Birth Defects Quiz

Test your knowledge of birth defects and what you can do to minimize the risk.

Health Library: Pregnancy & Newborns

For information from our Health Library about information on Preparing for Pregnancy, Your Changing Body, Healthy Pregnancy Lifestyles and more, click here.

Health Library: A Woman’s Journey

For information from our Health Library about Women’s Health during Childbearing Years, click here.