The Redbud Patch Program is designed to recognize hikers who have completed a total of 26.2 miles, located entirely within Panther Creek State Park. With 30 miles of hiking trails available, you never have to hike the same trail twice.  Time is limited! To earn the patch, you must fulfill the mileage requirement by January 1, 2018. 




Panther Creek State Park is a 1,435 acre park located on the Cherokee Reservoir in the historic Holston River Valley, six miles west of Morristown. The park has 17 different hiking trails covering more than 30 miles of terrain at all levels of difficulty. Hikers can enjoy magnificent views of Cherokee Lake and the Cumberland Mountains from Point Lookout Trail reaching 1,460 feet above sea level.

Panther Creek State Park Overlook

Sign Up

To participate in the Redbud Patch Program, please download and print the Waiver Form and track your hiking accomplishments and experiences using the Mileage Log.  To obtain your patch after you have completed the mileage requirements send both forms by mail to: 

Redbud Patch Program
908 W. Fourth North St.
Morristown, TN 37816

or forms can also be dropped off at the Panther Creek State Park’s Visitors Center.

Upcoming Group Hikes

Each of these hikes will be 3-4 miles in length.

Hiking Trails

  • Norris Blackburn Trail — 0.5 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
  • Road To Recycling Trail (Self-Guided Nature Trail) — 1.2 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
  • Ore Mine Trail — 1.3 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
  • Lost Road Trail — 2.1 Miles — Natural Surface — Difficult
  • Seven Sinkholes Trail — 0.6 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
  • Ridge Crest Trail — 0.7 Miles — Natural Surface — Difficult
  • Point Lookout Trail — 1.9 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
  • Trout Lily Trail — 2.0 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate to Difficult
  • Old Wagon Trail — 1.0 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
  • Panther Path Trail — 0.9 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
  • Pioneer Trail — 2.4 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
  • Piney Cove Trail — 0.6 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
  • Deer Run Trail — 0.8 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate
  • Old Farm Trail (Outer Loop) — 1.5 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
  • Old Farm Trail (Inner Loop) — 1.0 Miles — Natural Surface — Easy
  • Hunt Knob Trail — 3.8 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate to Difficult
  • Maple Arch Trail — 3.2 Miles — Natural Surface — Moderate

Looking for a trail map? Click to download a Free Printable Trail Map.

Hiking Handkerchiefs are also available for purchase. Pack it in your bag, put it over your shoulder or wear it like a bandana. Hiking Handkerchiefs are for sale at the Visitor’s Center at Panther Creek State Park for only $10.



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