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Nurturing Nurses: Catie Shaw

Posted on July 22, 2019

Meet our first employee for the new spotlight Nurturing Nurses. Catie Shaw was our recent DAISY Award Recipient. Find out why she likes being a nurse at Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System.

Catie Shaw is the recent recipient of the DAISY award.

What was the biggest influence that led you to become a nurse?

I feel like I grew up in the hospital. My mom worked here and it is just in my blood. I always wanted to be a nurse.

What’s your favorite thing about being a nurse?

I love caring for people, the nursing skills you gain along the way, and it is just something new everyday. 

Who or what inspires you in your career as a nurse?

When I get to see the patients go home after seeing them at their lowest point, that is wonderful. It makes those long, stressful days worth it.

Why do you like being a nurse at Morristown-Hamblen Healthcare System?

I love the hospital and caring for people. My first job out of high school was an ER Tech at this hospital and my career has just grown.

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