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Meet the Staff Monday: Sarah Kennedy

Posted on January 13, 2020

It’s Meet the Staff Monday and today we are getting to know Sarah Kennedy. What is her favorite childhood? Find out below:

Job Title: Patient Registration/Admissions

Why did you choose to work at Morristown-Hamblen? During my interview, I could tell the Director of Admissions was passionate about her job and the patients. It was real and I liked that.

What are your goals in working at Morristown-Hamblen? To continue to live out the Pledge and care for patients.

Where are you from? Morristown

What are some random facts about yourself and hobbies? I am one of those “cat lovers” and I play bluegrass music and the mandolin.

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? President Donald Trump, because he doesn’t change for anyone.

What is your favorite food? Pork BBQ sandwich

What is your favorite TV Show or movie? Fox News, of course

What is your greatest accomplishment? Winning the title of Miss Virginia Kentucky District 2015.

Would you choose a free trip or money? Money, I love shoes. I would buy more shoes!

What is your favorite trip you have taken? I grew up in church with my family. We traveled and sang as a family. It helped shape who I am. I love music, family, and Jesus.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Sarah Kennedy. Stay tuned for the next Meet the Staff Monday

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