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Meet the Staff Monday: Florence Stubblefield

Posted on April 16, 2018

It’s Meet the Staff Monday! In honor of 2018 National Healthcare Volunteer Week, we are getting to know volunteer Florence Stubblefield.

Florence Stubblefield, Volunteer

Name: Florence Stubblefield

Job Title: Volunteer

How long have you volunteered at Morristown-Hamblen: More than 24 years

Why did you choose to work and volunteer at Morristown-Hamblen? The influence of Mary Bell.

What are your goals in working at Morristown-Hamblen? To help everyone in any way that I can.

Where are you from? Morristown

If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be? My husband, Earl.

What is your favorite food? Chocolate

What is your favorite TV show? Anything on the Food Channel.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Working for the telephone company for 34 years; Having 2 daughters, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Would you choose a free trip or money? Money – to help others.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Growing up with 6 brothers and 3 sisters. We had a good family life.

Volunteer Services

Florence serves as the Treasurer on the 2018 Volunteer Auxiliary Board of Directors. Board members lead fundraising events throughout the year and ultimately make the decision where the money raised should be allocated within the hospital. An average of $10,000 is raised annually for use in projects such as the renovation of the hospital’s lobby, the purchase of three Stratus video language interpreters and donations to the hospital’s upcoming simulation laboratory to be used for training.

MHHS volunteers provide more than 13,000 hours of service per year to the hospital. Since the volunteer program’s inception in 1956, more than 400,000 hours have been given by generous and loving volunteers of our community. Whether they are greeting visitors, escorting patients, comforting a family in time of need or helping in the gift shop, our volunteers are known for their devotion to others. Volunteers enhance the work of our clinical staff and our patient support team in order to make the hospital stay more comfortable and convenient for the patient and family.

To learn more about Volunteer Services and how to apply to become a volunteer at Morristown-Hamblen, click here.