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Senior Behavioral Health

Senior Services offers comprehensive treatment options and provides much needed services for seniors in the region. Each program is designed to enhance the lives of seniors, and offer highly specialized individualized care.

  • Behavioral Health Center
  • Senior Access Team
  • Senior Connect
  • Behavioral Health Center

This is a highly specialized, acute care inpatient program for seniors age 65 and older who may be suffering from depression or mood problems, suicidal thoughts, sudden or acute onset of confusion or memory loss, behavioral problems, abnormal thinking or suspicious thoughts, hallucinations or delusions, decline in overall physical or mental functioning, agitation, restlessness, sleep difficulties, violent or impulsive behaviors, wandering, decline in eating or drinking, multiple or recent losses, medication non-compliance or ineffectiveness.

Trained nurses, social workers, physicians, and psychiatrists provide assessment and treatment with a comprehensive interdisciplinary team approach. Assessment and evaluation includes; overall physical condition such as lab work, x-rays, history and physical, current and past mental functioning, memory screening, medications, and psychosocial and environmental issues. Physical therapy evaluation, activities of daily living evaluation and speech therapy are also available. Discharge planning and assistance are provided. Consultation and education with the patient and family are established to optimize physical health, mental well-being, daily functioning, and treatment goals. Length of stay varies and depends on overall progress toward goals.

For more information on the Behavioral Health Services, call (423) 492-6875.

Senior Access Team

The Senior Access Team is an inpatient consultation team consisting of nurse’s, social workers, psychiatrist or a geriatric specialist who may be consulted for seniors age 65 and older who exhibit behavioral issues and/or mental status changes anytime during hospitalization. Our mission is to provide support, education, disease awareness, to improve quality of care, and patient outcomes, by ensuring safe, excellent medical and mental health care for patients, families, staff, physicians, and the community. The team may be called by anyone involved in the patients care, even family members. Trained clinicians provide evaluation and assessment with experience in treating seniors. Assessment and evaluation includes; mental functioning, behavioral symptoms, depression screening, medical problems and symptom evaluation, along with social and environmental evaluation. Recommendations for care, treatment and follow up care are provided to the admitting physician. The team is available five days a week, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday-Friday by calling (423) 492-6875.